Academic Chairs Endowment Program

The Academic Chair Endowment Program of the Tift County Foundation for Education Excellence was initiated in 1993. The purpose of the program is to provide exceptional opportunities for Tift County Public Schools to strengthen and enrich education in specific disciplines through a variety of creative learning experiences which are not a part of the regular curriculum. These experiences are made possible through funds generated from a variety of Academic Chairs, each established and endowed in the name of an individual who is closely identified with the selected discipline or area of learning.

Each Academic Chair is endowed, through private contributions, with a minimum of $25,000. This endowment may be increased through additional contributions at any time. It is the goal of the Foundation to add additional chairs as need and opportunities arise.

Annual awards are made to support projects in Tift County Public Schools to fulfill the purpose of the Academic Chairs program. Funding is derived from interest income generated from each Chair's endowment. The maximum award will be 90% of the total interest income for the previous year. Individual teachers or administrators may submit an application for an award from any Chair.

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